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Seasoned hardwood logs and firewood delivered locally

Green Onion Landscaping seasoned hardwood logs and firewood in the Teesside, Tees Valley area in M3 bags.

Seasoned hardwood logs and dried fruitwood are ideal fuel for your open fires, multi-fuel stoves, wood-burning stoves, and other wood-burning appliances.

Our M3 bags contain a mixture of various tree logs that have been felled and stored by us. The seasoned hardwood consists of logs from fruit trees i.e. Applewood, plum wood, pearwood, cherry wood, ash wood, and occasionally oak logs. Green Onion Landscaping’s m3 bags may also contain birch wood and holly wood. All of our seasoned hardwood logs burn slowly, with high heat and are ideal for log burners, multi-fuel stoves or campfires.

1 x M3 Bag of seasoned hardwood logs is £80 plus £5 delivery in the Teesside area only.

1 x M3 of crate wood, which is seasoned, kiln-dried hardwood from fruit trees that has been cut into burnable sizes costs £50 per m3 bag plus £5 delivery in the Teesside, Tees Valley, North Yorkshire or County Durham area only. Our crate wood is excellent on open fires, multi-fuel stoves, old burners, and other wood-burning appliances. Crate wood is the hardwood that our sandstone arrives in, it is excellent, hard, dry wood that burns as well as seasoned hardwood logs. We sell it cheaply which is an added bonus for you.

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Know your firewood

Wood types and how they burn

Note that all woods burn better when seasoned. Some hardwood or soft wood logs burn better when split rather than as whole hard wood logs. In general the better woods for burning that you are most likely to come by (including non-native species) are:

Seasoned hardwood logs

Apple and pear seasoned hardwood logs – burning slowly and steadily with little flame but good heat. The scent is also pleasing.

Ash hard seasoned hardwood logs – the best burning wood providing plenty of heat (will also burn green but you should not need to do this)

Beech and hornbeam seasoned hardwood logs – good when well seasoned, and excellent for Christmas time.

Birch – good heat and a bright flame – burns quickly.

Blackthorn and hawthorn – very good, burns slowly but with good heat.

Cherry seasoned hardwood logs – burns slowly with good heat and a pleasant scent; they smell like flowers in bloom. My favourite and we often have these in stock.

Chestnut - very scarce.

Cypress – burns well but fast when seasoned, and may spit.

Elm - burn like smouldering flax. No flame to be seen.

Hawthorn - are good to last, if you cut them in the Autumn.

Hazel – good, but hazel has so many other uses hopefully you won’t have to burn it!

Holly – good when well seasoned but you can burn them when they’re green. Holly logs will burn like wax

Horse Chestnut wood – good flame and heating power but spits a lot

Larch wood – fairly good for heat but crackles and spits

Maple wood – good

Oak wood– very old dry seasoned hard wood oak logs. Oak hard wood logs are excellent, burning slowly with a good heat

Pine wood – burns well with a bright flame but crackles and spits

Poplar wood – soft and light wood with a low density. It burns fast with a high heat. Poplar wood is a good early or late season firewood, when temperatures are moderate. Poplar is an excellent wood to mix in with other hard fire wood logs, it starts fires well and is great for keeping fires going. Poplar wood is used to make match sticks

Scotch logs - it is a crime for anyone to sell

Willow – very good – in fact there is growing interest in biomass production of coppiced willow as a fuel

Yew – heats well

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