Green Onion Landscaping supply, deliver and lay turf lawns all year round. 

Turfing your garden with top quality turf products such as Rowlawn turf will always provide you with a luscious, stunning lawn area in your garden space. No matter where you live a beautiful, top quality turfed lawn will make your garden space look and feel more like home. Laying a new lawn from turf is a fast way to get an instant beautiful new lawn.  Although laying turf is a quick way to achieve lawn cover, ground preparation, and soil preparation before laying new turf is extremely important. You can not lay turf on ground that is uneven and bumpy. You need a nice flat ground surface for your new turf lawn to sit on. You also must not walk on a newly turfed lawn until it has rooted and settled. This can take a few weeks. 

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When to lay turf

Turf is best laid in mid-autumn, however, it can be laid between mid-autumn and late winter, whenever the garden soil is not too wet or frosty/frozen. The advantage of turfing in Spring and Autumn is that little mowing is needed, this means your newly-laid turf can be left fairly undisturbed for several weeks. Turf laid in Spring needs watering. In dry spells always water your new lawn. Dry soil and mowing before the grass is fully rooted will stress your new turf and delay it from rooting. Mowing turf before it has rooted and settled will completely ruin it.

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  • In dry weather, frequent watering may be necessary to keep the new turf constantly moist.
  • During dry periods in mid- to late summer, water every other day. At other seasons water during dry periods.
  • Be careful not to over-water your new turfed lawn, this can lead to shallow rooting of your new lawn. It also encourages the weed grass – annual meadow grass.
  • Always mow a newly turfed lawn with the blades set high. Mow only when the new turf has rooted and is settled i.e when the grass has grown to about 5cm (2in).


You won’t encounter any problems with your newly turfed lawn if you follow these instructions.

  • Do not EVER walk on a newly turfed lawn.  
  • Keep your new turfed lawn moist, especially in dry, hot weather.
  • Do not mow the new lawn until the turf has knitted/rooted

We love a nice real turfed lawn. Let us lay your new turf lawn for you, we work in Teesside, Tees Valley, Durham, and North Yorkshire.