Water features

Stand-alone water features promote relaxation and stimulate positive, tranquil vibes in your garden.

A water feature in your garden will help you relax, keep you cool on hot days and bring a feeling of tranquillity to your garden space. There are so many water features to choose, most can be bought ready-made and installed with the minimum of fuss by our landscaping experts. From water feature cascades, blades, wall fountains, or small, bubbling water pools, the choice is yours.

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Green Onion Landscaping’s team of professionals have installed water features in almost every garden that we have ever landscaped. These have included ponds, stand-alone water features, free-flowing waterfalls, or intricate water feature structures. We appreciate that in new build homes space can some times be limited, however, a patio or even a conservatory can accommodate a spouting garden ornament, a pebble pool, or a miniature water feature. Smaller water features make excellent ‘child-safe’ options for younger homeowners too.

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Garden water features look amazing and sound beautiful, they create a wonderfully relaxing, tranquil environment in your garden. A space to relax with our families and friends. They can also create a stunning focal point to your garden landscape. Whether your water feature is on the patio, a wildlife pool at the foot of the garden, a bubbling cobble fountain, or a rocky waterfall, a water feature is guaranteed to add another wonderful dimension of enjoyment to your landscaped garden.

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Creating a beautiful water feature in your garden is well worth the time and effort. Not very many of us will have a natural stream or spring just waiting to be landscaped into a pond or water feature: most of us will have to start from scratch to produce something so beautiful and relaxing in our garden environment. If you have the space in your garden Green Onion Landscaping’s team of experts can install a fun, relaxing, interesting water feature in your garden for you. Check this fabulous water feature out below. 

Green Onion Landscaping’s fantastic team of creative landscapers are at your disposal to install any type of garden water features you would like. We can source or design and install you a vast array of spectacular water features in your garden in the following areas: Stockton, Middlesbrough, Durham or Darlington.