A beautiful contemporary garden design is as important as your homes interior design. Green Onion Landscaping have been designing and creating beautiful gardens for over 25 years. If you would like a free quotation for a modern, sleek, contemporary garden please give us a call 01642 640303 we are here to help you bring your garden ideas to life. You can view more of our soft landscaping work by following the link.

When you consult Green Onion Landscaping for your garden design ideas you can be confident that we will help you design a garden that is as elaborate or low maintenance as you’d like. We want you to be happy with the end product. We want your garden to be practical and beautiful. Green Onion Landscaping can create you a stunning garden that will stand out from the crowd. There are lots more of our landscape design projects featured throughout our website for you to enjoy and view.Green Onion Landscaping’s designers will always take into account your lifestyle and your preferences when designing your garden. We recommend you always consider how you would like your end garden design to look and how much time you can realistically invest in maintaining your garden when it’s completed. These are the types of things that we will discuss with you during your garden design consultation. Why not have a look at Green Onion Landscaping’s Facebook page for some ideas, there are lots of our garden design photographs featured there for you to view too. 

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When you Contact Green Onion Landscaping  we will ensure that we design a garden that suits your lifestyle, the climate you live in and the soil conditions.  We highly recommend that you collect lots of images of any garden designs and planting ideas that appeal to you in order to inspire your own garden plans. These can be shared with your landscaping professional when we visit you.  The more information and ideas you can provide to us the better we will be able to assist you.

Some principles of contemporary garden design:

In contemporary garden design  less is definitely more . Whilst a contemporary garden design doesn’t have to be minimal, any clutter in the garden space would detract from the overall garden design statement. If you’re going to use a garden ornament let it be one large, enourmous statement piece such as this wooden horse. 

A strong sense of geometry
It doesn’t have to be a rectilinear approach nor circles but a ‘constructivist’ structure is what makes any design contemporary. 
Contemporary planting schemes can be best identified by few elements:
This means planting a few choice plant varieties. Not as many as we would plant in a cottage style garden. 
We like to use dramatic statement plants and trees. These are usually usually plants with fabulous architectural structure, strong foliage or great texture and bold colour.
Few Materials
Using less materials works best in contemporary garden design. Natural materials can always be used, however we have also been known to use plastic, concrete and a whole range of other synthetic products that produce outstanding contemporary garden effects.
A contemporary garden design should be an extension of your home, and with busy modern schedules, the ambience at night in your garden is as important as during the day. When designing a contemporary garden it is important for us to know what you will be using your garden space for during the day and on an evening. This will help us to help you zone your garden and create a beautiful contemporary garden design that not only looks  great, modern and sleek but is also fully functional. All in all a good contemporary garden design, well designed and executed will instil a sense of order, but more importantly a feeling of underlying harmony in your garden space. Your garden  will become a place where you can relax and unwind and where you will want to spend your down time with your family and friends.
If you’d like a contemporary/modern garden design completed by the North East’s best creative landscaping team then please give us a call on 01642 640303 or drop us an e-mail from our Get in Touch page. We’d love to help you create your dream garden in Teesside.