A contemporary patio design makes a wonderful, welcoming living space throughout the Summer months – and even into Winter if you get your patio design right. Patios and paved spaces require little maintenance, so the smallest seasonal refresh can completely update your outdoor space.  If you’re looking for ways to liven up your garden with a contemporary, modern patio design, whatever type of home you have, and whatever size your garden space is, give Green Onion Landscaping a call. We are confident that we can design and create a contemporary, modern patio design for your needs. 

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Client Brief
Mr.Din requested a contemporary, modern patio design for his new property in Marton Middlesbrough, Teesside. He wanted straight lines and sleekness to be the key features of this new patio design. After a few discussions with our lovely client, it was decided that using Tobermore paving in this contemporary, modern patio design would be the best idea. Tobermore has one of the largest ranges of paving flags & paving slabs available to landscapers. Their paving stones start with standard smooth finish paving flags right through to the high-quality Mayfair flags which we have used here. Their patio stones have a huge range of colours and textures available for clients to chose from. These particular patio paving flags contain granite aggregates, this makes them extremely durable, sleek, and heavy. They ooze sophistication, style, and glamour which is perfect for a contemporary, modern patio design. View more of our landscaping work here.