Having a messy, overgrown garden can really lessen the curb appeal of your home – both to you and to visitors. If you’re wondering what kind of services are involved in garden clearance and what kind of prices you can expect to pay, then please read on. Green Onion Landscaping provide a reliable and efficient garden clearance service in Stockton-on-Tees, Middlesbrough and Darlington.

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Our garden clearance service includes: Hedge trimming, lawn mowing, strimming, lawn feeds, weeding, pruning, cutting back, shaping of shrubs and hedges, tidying borders, removal of unwanted shrubs, border turning and much more. Green Onion Landscaping are registered Green Waste carriers. Our team of friendly hardworking landscapers will always make sure that any garden waste created during our garden clearance service is taken away from your home and disposed of correctly.

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Green Onion Landscaping’s professional team of landscape gardeners can clear and tidy your overgrown garden in a matter of hours or days depending on the size of your garden. Our landscaping and gardening experts can cut back your shrubs correctly, professionally prune your garden trees, weed your garden’s borders, split and divide your plants, paint your fence/shed or plant new shrubs, trees and bulbs for you.

Just let us know exactly what you require and your garden clean up service will be carried out in accordance to your specific requirements. It can include:

  • Full garden and site clearance
  • Trimming and cutting back of any messy/overgrown hedges
  • Strimming down of long grass /mowing
  • Pruning of overgrown trees that block sunlight
  • Weeding and turning your planted beds and garden borders
  • Removal of specific plants and shrubs that you don’t want anymore or are past their best
  • Grass and leaf clearance
  • Lawn treatments/care
  • Tree stump removal

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Green Onion Landscaping offer the safe and professional removal of garden trees, tree branches, shrubs, bushes, hedging, ground foliage, leaves and tree stumps. If you’d like your garden regularly maintained by our professional garden landscapers please visit our garden maintenance page here 

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Our team of expert landscape gardeners know the difference between plants, shrubs, trees and weeds. We understand the importance of cutting back shrubs, roses, trees and other garden plants at the correct times of the year. Green Onion Landscaping can also mow your lawn, trim your hedges and strim down over grown  areas of your garden. These are all tasks we can carry out during a garden clearance. Prices will depend upon the size of the garden to be tidied or cleared. 

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Green Onion Landscaping’s are licensed to remove the following from your garden:

  • Old patios
  • Old fencing
  • Plant pots
  • Sheds
  • Green houses
  • Concrete paths
  • Brick walls
  • Driveways
  • Branches
  • Shrubs
  • Trees
  • Grass
  • Leaves
  • Soil

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Green Onion Landscaping are licensed Green Waste carriers. Our friendly team will always remove any green waste created at your property. All green waste created during our garden clearance jobs is always disposed of in an environmentally friendly way at the local green waste tip. If necessary we can also hire green waste skips for garden clearance jobs.

We can not remove the following from your garden: 

  • Paint or paint cans
  • Mattresses
  • Fridges
  • Asbestos
  • Bio-medical waste
  • Oil, petrol, and diesel
  • Pressurised bottles
  • Raw meat or fish
  • Toxic chemicals or solvents
  • Box TV monitors
  • Tyres
  • Car batteries
  • Commercial appliances

N.B. Landscapers need special licenses to remove this kind of waste, so ask the question if you’re not sure about some of the waste in your garden. 

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Green Onion Landscaping’s friendly staff will always tidy your garden and outdoor areas after they have completed your garden clearance. Your garden/outdoor space will be left looking beautiful, neat and tidy at the end of your job. Green Onion Landscaping offer many other landscaping services to homes & businesses in Teesside ,Tees Valley, North Yorkshire and County Durham. Please call us for your free landscaping quotation: 01642 640303 / 07701097196.