Landscape garden design

We received a call from Alan and Jan asking us to provide them with a landscape garden design quotation. This garden was at the rear of their new build house in Norton, Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland. The existing landscape garden design was pretty dull and tired. Jan and Alan desperately wanted a new landscape garden design from Green Onion Landscaping.

Alan and Jan had a few paving stones along the back of the house, but wanted the whole area to be modern and useable. They wanted a new garden design with a new turf lawn and patio areas. They wanted some raised garden beds for planting and some new close board fencing around the garden.

The landscape of the garden had a downward slope which made it ideal for a split level patio. Because of the split level we were able to incorporate a long raised flower bed – lovely. At the end of the new flowerbeds we constructed some steps which led down to the lower level patio. The new turf lawn was also laid on the lower level of the garden. The new landscape garden design is stunning.

Green Onion Landscaping carried out a brick match for the raised flower bed and met with Alan and Jan to make a choice for their new paving stones. They decided to opt for Sunrise sandstone. Sandstone is beautiful anyway but Sunrise sandstone is one of our favourite sandstones. It’s beautiful when it’s wet and dry. It has firey colours throughout the stone and will bring any patio area in a garden to life. It’s stunning.

Green Onion Landscaping then put in the wall foundations for the raised flower bed. Then built the wall up to the height required and finished it off with a Sunrise sandstone coping stone. This now gave us our split level garden design and new landscaped garden.

Green Onion landscaping then put a stretch of close board fencing along the left hand side of the property as a boundary partition.

The next step was to build up the bases for the lower patio and newly turfed lawn area, then level them off, ready for paving stones and turf respectively. We then laid the lower patio and cut a long, sweeping arc out of the left hand side, almost in a horse shoe shape. This meant that the turf could be built in to the patio and give an oval shape to the lawn. We constructed a double cobbled edge around the turf just to give it a funky finish. We left a border at the other side of the turf and planted a Cox’s Orange Pippin apple tree and a purple flowering Lilac Bush.

Green Onion Landscaping then started on the top patio using the same Sunrise sandstone paving stones. This was a standard rectangular patio which was far more straight forward to lay than the lower patio. We decided to finished the patio edge against the wall off with a row of cobbles and a gravel strip using York Gold gravel.

The ‘photos will give you a better idea of the landscape garden design when it was completed, please take a sneaky peek!

“The job looks fantastic Andy, we’re really happy. It looks a world away from when you first started the job. We love our new garden design. We’ve passed your card on to a friend. Cheers to you and the team at Green Onion Landscaping for all your hard and fantastic work!”

Alan Heatherington

Norton, Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland, Teesside.