Garden Design-Think for as long as possible about your garden design before rushing in and doing anything. You’re going to be living with the plants/patio/paving you opt for, for a very long time. Take your time. Make sensible decisions based on the reality of what you can and can not manage in your garden. Patience and planning are key to any great garden design. Green Onion Landscaping is here to help you, use our knowledge and expertise to help you plan your new garden design. This is what we do for a living, we love our jobs and we are very good at it too.

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Garden designs created from scratch don’t grow, mature and evolve overnight. Garden design is something which takes time and lots of it. Five years from the initial planting of your garden design it will begin to look like a young version of what it has yet to become. After 7 years you will not be able to age your garden design, at 12 years everything in your garden design will be mature except trees. From then on your will be cutting back and restraining your garden, keeping it looking manicured, watered and fed. This is why it’s very important to think long and hard before planting lots of shrubs and trees that you’re then going to have to find the time to look after. Green Onion landscaping can advise you on what plants trees and shrubs to use in your garden design to create the look you’re after. We design gardens all year round.