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Garden fencing is a simple addition that will make an enormous difference to your home’s curb appeal. Imagine spending all those Summers in your garden while having a pristine, upright garden fence to look at. Green Onion Landscaping have been constructing and installing timber fencing solutions for over 25 years. Call us for your free garden fence installation quotation. 

James one of our professional fencing installers constructing a closeboard fence in Fairfield Stockton on Tees.

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Garden fences can have several uses at your property. Fences act as a barrier around the perimetre of your house, can divide one part of your garden from another. A tall solid close board fence will provide privacy, shade and shelter from the wind, while a fence of more open construction such as slat panel fencing will allow light and breezes through it.

Below a solid, secure close board gate and fence installed by Green Onion Landscaping.


The key to good, strong timber fencing is making an informed decision before you buy timbers/panels and having an expert such as Green Onion Landscaping install your close board fencing or slat board fence correctly. If you want your fence to last for years, invest in having an expert install it correctly for you.

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Versatility & Benefits of a closeboard fencing:

This particular style of fence is constructed with individual pieces this makes it very versatile.

1. Close board fencing is ideal for constructing a fence on sloping ground – Gravel boards and rails can be fixed at an angle and then the featheredge can follow this level as required.
2. Close board has the added benefit of being very easy to repair. Should any boards begin to show wear and tear it is quick and inexpensive to replace individual fence boards.
3. All fencing materials that go into making perimeter fencing are pressure treated. This means that the timbers have maximum longevity.
4. A close board fence is strong and long lasting if constructed by experts like Green Onion Landscaping.
5. Close board fences are commonly constructed from both green and brown timbers as standard, making it far more versatile than most boundary fence options.
6. Close board timbers can be used to construct a fence of virtually any height.
7. Close board fencing/fences is/are suitable for front and back gardens, as well as commercial use.

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Maintenance of your closeboard fence

Remember all Timber is a living product, given enough time it will begin to degrade. To acheive the best possible life span from your fencing product it is recommend that your fencing timber is treated every 2 – 3 years with a solvent based treatment during the summer months. Green Onion Landscaping can do this for you.

Slat or Lap panel fencing

This type of fencing is perfect for providing privacy and a secure boundary. It’s also a more cost effective fencing option. Each 1.8m x 1.8m panel will cost you approximately £20. However, slat or lap panel fences are not as strong and durable as closeboard fences.

Slat panel or lap panel fencing should be raised slightly from the ground to avoid the timbers rotting. Or have concrete or treated wood gravel boards placed at the bottom to stop the panels from rotting. Green Onion Landscaping strongly recommend treating any fencing with a good quality wood protection coating. A product that will penetrate the wood and protects it from within. If a slat panel fence is not protected from the elements in this way then it will warp, split or even rot.

Lattice panel fencing

If you want to enhance your garden with a more decorative fence then lattice fencing is for you.These fences are quite intricate in design therefore each panel will cost a significantly higher price. Prices will vary on length and height just like the other fence types. Lattice fencing is not installed for security purposes or longevity it is more of a decorative fencing.

Help & Advice

If you are interested in erecting close board, lat or slat panel or lattice panel fencing at your property, please get in touch. Our garden fencing specialists will be happy to offer help and advice. We can provide you with a free quotation for supply and installation of all the relevant fencing materials.

Green Onion Landscaping can advise on the best type of fence for the job in question. Our professional team of fencing installers will erect your close board or slat panel fence for you in the correct manner, ensuring that your timber fencing will last for years to come as well as look fantastic.

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Popular fence panel options:

  • Close board – The strongest and heaviest wooden/timber panel fencing. Close board fencing offers complete privacy and is ideal for perimeter fencing.
  • Lap or slat panel – The most popular ‘cheap’ panel, Overlap type fence panels offer privacy at a very economical price.
  • Pallisade – This is the traditional picket type fence. While it offers little by way of privacy, Pallisade gives excellent visibility and moderate security.
  • Trellis – This is not really a fencing solution on its own, but it can be used as an open screen fence or as a decorative panel or fence panel topper.
  • Concrete – Solid concrete panels supported by concrete posts. Looks fairly ‘industrial’, but it is the ultimate for security and strength.

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Green Onion Landscaping can help you make the best choices for your garden fencing project. We will guide you through the steps of having garden fencing installed professionally and on-budget using the materials you’d like to use.

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Hopefully our fencing article has provided lots of information and ideas on the various types of garden fences available to you from Green Onion Landscaping. As mentioned earlier, fence costs will depend on a number of factors, including the type of fence and the size of your garden. Requesting a quotation is simple call us on Tel: 01642 640303 / 07701097196. 

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