Green Onion Landscaping were commissioned by Mr. & Mrs Foster from Darlington, Tees Valley to lay a driveway using ‘Rustic’ coloured Permeable paving blocks. The border of the driveway is created using ‘Granite’ coloured permeable blocks.

Green Onion Landscaping have an excellent reputation. We are driveway installation specialists in Stockton on Tees, Teesside and the Tees Valley area. Permeable Paving is a far superior way in which to lay a paved driveway. Green Onion landscaping has laid many permeable paving driveways  in Stockton, Middlesbrough and Darlington. England and particularly the North East are experiencing increasing amounts of wet weather and heavier longer periods of rain. The drains in our roads are becoming over loaded with rain water. This results in flooding of our gardens and roads. If you want to prevent flooding or water logging on your property then use Permeable paving for your driveway.

The beauty of permeable paving  is that it is made and laid in such a way that the permeable blocks and the sub-layer/ base of the entire permeable driveway allows rain water to dissipate  through the permeable surface of the blocks. Rain water then drains through the sub layer beneath, thus draining any excess water away instantly into the ground. Permeable paving is an environmentally friendly way of draining away excess water from your property’s driveway. Permeable paved driveways can incorporate rainwater harvesting and geo-thermal solutions. It is also illegal to lay a standard block paved driveway without using permeable paving unless you are only paving up to 5 square metres of ground surface.

“Dear Andy,

Thank you so much for our new Permeable paving on our driveway, it looks great. The permeable block paving colour is gorgeous, we love it, it stands out from any other driveway paving we’ve ever seen.

We would highly recommend Green Onion Landscaping to all of our friends and family.  We are very impressed at how quickly water disappears from the surface of the paving, such an improvement on the standard block paving. And not one other landscaper that came to give us a quotation told us about Permeable Paving. It’s blooming fantastic! You and the team worked steadily and kept me informed all the way through the project. My wife was particularly pleased that you all worked so tidy too. The whole team’s attention to detail and  helpfulness was extremely impressive and professional.  Thanks again.”

Mr. & Mrs Foster – Darlington, Cleveland, Tees Valley.