Low maintenance gardens

Green Onion Landscaping design and install low maintenance gardens for a huge variety of people - The elderly, disabled, rental landlords and for that matter those who are simply not green fingered. Low maintenance [...]

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Planting a colourful Autumn garden

Planting in an Autumn garden Spring may seem a long way off however Autumn is the best time to start sowing seeds and plant bulbs. Always plant your bulbs in your Autumn Garden as soon [...]

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Contemporary garden design

A beautiful contemporary garden design is as important as your homes interior design. Green Onion Landscaping have been designing and creating beautiful gardens for over 25 years. If you would like a free quotation [...]

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Garden hedging ideas

Garden hedging can be used to form boundaries in your garden, to add structure and shape to gardens as well as offering security and ideal habitats for wildlife and nesting birds. The majority of Green Onion [...]

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